Technology Platform

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Based on developments to date, CO2 Solutions has demonstrated several significant benefits which position its enzyme-accelerated process as an efficient new option for carbon capture from virtually any source of CO2 -containing combustion gas.  These include:

  • Reduction in cost (CAPEX and OPEX) of at least one-third compared to a state-of-the-art conventional monethanolamine process at 90% CO2 capture;
  • Operation of absorber and stripper at low temperature, enabling the use of zero-value warm streams for stripping instead of high-grade heat;
  • No requirement for rich-lean solvent exchanger;
  • High solvent stability and no susceptibility to heat degradation;
  • No toxic aerosol emissions;
  • Ability of solvent to accommodate higher levels of flue gas contaminants; reduced requirement for gas pre-treatment;
  • Lower corrosivity;
  • Simple and easy-to-manage process with the enzyme catalyst flowing homogeneously with the solvent and low temperature operation providing for long lifespan of enzyme;
  • Enzyme supply diversity through multiple sources of industrially bioengineered CA enzymes which can be manufactured at large scale;
  • Process generating high purity CO2 (up to 99.9%); ideal for CO2 reuse applications.

CO2 Solutions’ breakthrough technology is ideally suited to address the significant opportunities for profitable carbon reuse as well as carbon sequestration for climate change mitigation.