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Carbon Capture and Utilization

Due to its physical characteristics, many applications for using carbon dioxide (CO2) industrially have been developed over the years.  Some uses go back centuries when fermentation of food stuffs (malt, wheat, grapes etc.) led to the production of alcohol, wines, or beers in which CO2 was partly re-used in the process, particularly to exclude air.  Other applications for CO2 are more recent, partly as a result of the trend or swing to use more environmentally friendly products - such as carbon dioxide's use as a solvent as opposed to chemical solvents.

CO2 Solutions’ enzyme-accelerated solvent technology provides an elegant solution for the capture of CO2 from effluent gases and the production of pure CO2 therein for utilization.  The key value propositions that the technology offers include:

Improved Profitability

With lower costs than conventional chemical CO2 capture processes, industrial users can reduce their CO2 input costs and improve the profitability of their processes.

Control of Supply Chain

CO2 Solutions’ technology offers companies that both emit and purchase CO2 the ability to have their own on-site CO2 capture plant and reduce or eliminate their dependence on external CO2 suppliers while also lowering input costs.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Industrial CO2 users can benefit from a significant improvement in environmental performance through the use of a benign enzyme-accelerated salt solution vis-à-vis traditional amine solvents.  This includes elimination of carcinogenic aerosol emissions and eco-toxicity, improved water use and a substantial reduction in process pollutants.