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Emerging Uses of CO2

In addition to established uses of CO2, many novel uses are under development or early demonstration.  These include algae production for making products ranging from nutraceuticals to biodiesel, the production of bioplastics, the carbonation and reuse of mineral wastes, and the combination of CO2 with hydrogen to produce liquid fuels, amongst other applications.  CO2 Solutions’ technology is positioned as an ideal front-end solution to provide the lowest possible cost CO2 feedstock required by these new processes.

As an example, the idea of using algae as a source of food, feed and energy goes back more than half a century. More recently, growing global demand for transportation fuels combined with concerns about the impact of CO2 emissions, has spawned an interest in algae-based biofuels. Advances in biotechnology, such as the ability to genetically engineer algae to produce more oils and convert solar energy more efficiently, have unleashed new possibilities not feasible only a few years ago. Algae are cultivated on land in large ponds, or in enclosed photobioreactors, using CO2 as a feedstock. The CO2 can come from flue gases from power and steam plants and thus can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions overall when the algal biomass is converted into biofuels.1 CO2 Solutions is exploring the application of its enzyme-based carbon capture technology in the algae industry in this regard.









[1], produced and hosted by the Algae Biomass Organization