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Technology Overview

Carbonic Anhydrase Enzyme for Carbon Capture

CO2 Solutions' technology addresses the high-cost barrier to Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) created by conventional solvent-based CO2 capture processes. The technology, inspired by nature, utilizes the extremely powerful enzyme catalyst which efficiently manages carbon dioxide in humans and other living organisms, carbonic anhydrase.

For example, it efficiently manages the respiratory process in humans. Carbonic anhydrase is the most powerful catalyst known for the hydration of CO2, that is, converting carbon dioxyde to bicarbonate and protons.

The technology platform uses CA to dramatically accelerate the capture of CO2 with energy-efficient solvents.  With these solvents, the use of the enzyme technology provides an economically attractive carbon capture solution with efficient capture and lower energy consumption.

In essence, the technology is an ‘industrial lung’ which takes advantage of CA’s capacity for the highly efficient capture and release of carbon dioxide in natural systems, adapted to industrial gas effluent streams. The approach follows in the footsteps of other enzymes successfully deployed to increase the efficiency of industrial processes, from biofuels to detergents to food production.