Technology Platform

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Technology Platform

Harnessing Nature for Low Cost, Operationally Superior, and Environmentally Friendly Carbon Capture

Conventional technology for the capture and production of pure CO2 for both utilization and sequestration has to present been primarily based on the use of chemical amine solvents such as monoethanolamine and piperazine.  However, these solvents require significant amounts of valuable, high-grade process heat for solvent regeneration.  This energy requirement creates an inefficient process with high operating costs. This cost barrier has been identified as one of the major reasons currently limiting the wider deployment of post-combustion carbon capture technology.  Additionally, conventional amine solvents suffer from significant operational and environmental issues including degradation, toxic aerosol emissions, sensitivity to flue gas contaminants, and corrosivity.

CO2 Solutions’ technology solves these challenges by employing the most powerful known catalyst for carbon management, the enzyme carbonic anhydrase (CA).  Developed by nature, CA is omnipresent to all living organisms and efficiently manages carbon dioxide during respiration.  In an industrial CO2 system, CA can be utilized as a catalyst to dramatically accelerate simple and benign salt solutions.  The result is both fast CO2 absorption kinetics while and significantly reduced energy consumption.  Also importantly, the technology is designed for use within the existing solvent gas scrubbing architecture for plant retrofit.


The net result is in essence an ‘industrial lung’ for carbon capture, harnessing nature for low operating and capital costs and providing an elegant, benign operating profile.